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Located in Zürich, Switzerland, Kira Partners focus to support investors on finding, analyse, structure and deploy capital in blockchain related investments and assists blockchain entrepreneurs during the entire lifecycle of their ventures.

Kira bridges the investors and entrepreneurs’ worlds and can successfully bring your concept into reality. With a highly specialized team in the areas of IT, Finance, Legal, Business and Marketing management, Kira Partners analyses and advises investors, startups and existing companies developing and executing their blockchain strategies.

Corporate Venture Capital Fund

Legal opinion, jurisdiction analysis, fund token modelling, strategy and governance definition, project management and fund business development (deal origination, due diligence and equity investment of blockchain related projects).


With the highly specialized team, we work in the areas of IT, Finance, Legal, Business and Marketing management.

What are we doing?

We Provide

Business and Financial Support

Kira Partners provides a wide comprehensive business development and financial support services. We have a clear understanding of the market and investment landscape and the industry pain points. We develop and revise the blockchain business strategy, establish and manage the business entity in Switzerland and other blockchain-friendly jurisdictions, we prepare and support a private sale, a roadshow and work on pre and post token sake business management (ICO / STO).

We also offer partnership development and market development services in Switzerland and Brazil, our main focus markets

We Provide

Legal Support

Kira Partners supports on regulations requirements and takes this task very seriously. We can give you jurisdiction analysis, token modeling, asset tokenization, design and execute a multi-corporate structure and we do coordination of local law firms on the chosen blockchain-friendly jurisdictions. With our expertise, we give support in the drafting of the project agreements and contractual documents and also in the definition and execution of the fundraising strategy.

Besides legal opinions, legal analysis, multi-corporate legal coordination and smart contract modeling, we can support you to legally to set up your Venture Capital Fund or blockchain venture in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Estonia, Luxemburg, Gibraltar, Portugal, Malta, United States (Delaware) and in the UK.

We Provide

Marketing Support

Kira Partners provides ICO marketing services that generate the leads, traffic and ultimately capital into your token raise. From ICO PR to the campaign, Kira Partners will tailor your messaging and ensure maximum exposure to your ICO through a vast network of news platforms.

Latin America must be part of your strategy for gaining traction in your blockchain solution. We can support you to access the Brazilian market with efficiency and effectiveness. We can also represent you in the biggest blockchain and investment events that happen in Switzerland and in the EU.

We Provide

Technical Support

With experience in the technology sector, we develop platforms and smart contracts on behalf of our clients. We also support investors on code auditing and platform evaluation and selection.

Our understanding of the Blockchain Development separates us from our competitors. Kira Partners is a company where business acumen and fluency are of the essence. We can support you on your blockchain strategy definition, requirements development, project management, assessment of technical feasibility, tech solution for KYC (Know Your Customer solution) procedure and other technological support.

Our best references




Oct 2018 – Present

Business planning, project management, business development, and partnership support to bring blockchain solutions to Sub-Saharan Africa countries.

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Blockchain Chamber of Commerce

Oct 2018
Zürich, Switzerland

Strategy and business case definition, partnership support, legal support, board representation and operational management of the company.

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Swiss Crypo Investment Group

Zürich, Switzerland

Business management, advisory board, legal and contractual advice, development of the trading algorithm based on trend following philosophy, product definition, setting up and management of a cryptocurrency mining rig.

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